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The purpose of the Visalia Rotary Community Foundation is the enhancement of Visalia and the surrounding community.

Through the generosity of Visalia Rotary Club members, their families, and other philanthropic individuals and organizations an endowment fund has been created. It is the earnings from this fund that are periodically distributed for the betterment of our community and its people.

The Foundation has an underlying belief that its investments in the community and its people should be in the form of assistance that encourages personal or organizational development. Specific areas are identified:

  • The assistance of youth in their development
  • Programs which encourage the disadvantage to become contributing or self-sufficient citizens
  • Programs that assist in the development of individual adults who have shown they are capable of helping themselves
  • Community science, health, and environmental programs
  • Cultural, artistic, and historical programs which enrich our community
  • Disaster relief

To further the goals enumerated, the Foundation does not intend support of other endowments, government entities, individuals (except scholarships), or organizations which can be inherently self-supporting through their commercial activities. The Foundation will not become aligned with any political or religious organization except in the support of nonpartisan or nondenominational programs that exist for the betterment of the community


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