How we work

We seek to improve the quality of life in Visalia though Grants, Scholarships, and support and involvement in Major Projects.


Grants from the general fund are based on needs for brick and mortar projects within the City of Visalia or that affect the City of Visalia. These projects must meet the charitable and philanthropic needs of this community See Grants for more information.

Emergency Fund Grants

The Foundation has raised $240,549 from 1994 to 2013 for emergency requests. It has provided grants for freeze relief, direct needs in the Visalia area, and matching funds for food relief for residents of the community.


The Robert Harrell Career & Technical Educational Scholarships, the Dwelle Scholarship, and The Visalia Rotary Club Scholarships are administered by the Foundation. See the Scholarships Tab for more information.

Major Projects
The Visalia Rotary Community Foundation, in addition to the grants and scholarships, attempts to identify specific needs within the city that can be defined as a special or major project.

Projects are determined by the Board of Directors after submission from the public at large as to ideas to improve the community, or from the members or the boards of each of the Rotary clubs. See the Major Projects Tab for more information.