Due to the advertising predicament within the Visalia community, the following is an attempt to unify the major efforts of the 5 Visalia Clubs and V.R.C.F. This only works if the tool is used and promoted by each of the clubs.The following document is an attempt to make the process as easy as possible (This document is verbose). We recognize that everyone's goal in life is not to become a computer programmer.  Therefore, it is recommended that you read the entire document before beginning, and then use it as a reference as needed. If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions you may call me for help at 559-802-8645.

This documentation is broken down into the three possibilities: Add, Edit, Delete an event.


After you initially log in, your administration menu will consist of 5 items at the top left , under the VRCF logo: INSTRUCTIONS, Add Event, Edit Event, My Account, and Log out. Click on Add Event.

* If at any time you move away from your event page without clicking "SAVE", all changes will be lost!

  • TITLE - The name of your event. example: Impact a life
  • EVENT DATE - You may either type in the date or click on the down arrow in the field and an interactive calendar will let you choose.
  • CLUB - This field is auto-fill so just put in the letter v. A drop-down of your choices will appear. This field color codes your event in the calendar.
  • EVENT LOCATION - Address information on where your event will be held.
  • EVENT FLYER - If you have a flyer for your event you may load the flyer from your computer to the site. You may come back and add this later. Once clicked, it will open a browser where you can find the file on your computer. File types are: pdf, png, gif, jpg, jpeg, doc, docx and limited to 2MB in size. Once you select the file, an additional field called: ALTERNATE TEXT will appear where you will need to put in another description. Search engines use this.  If you are unsure of your file size you may right click on the file, on your computer, and select properties. This will pull up information on your file which will contain the file size.
  • BODY - other information on your event: Who, what, when, why... a link to your webpage with information or a link to a ticket site. To create a link, type in the text you wish to add the link to, for example: For Tickets: "CLICK HERE". Highlight the text and then press the Control key "Ctrl" and the letter K. This will pull up the interface where you enter the target URL (website address). Hit save.
  • TITLE - Anything you'd like for example: Time till fun!
  • DISPLAY TITLE - do you want this title used
  • DATE - Start date and time until your event
  • TIMER FONT SIZE - You can come back and play with this after looking at your event. I would suggest 12.
  • At the bottom you may hit SAVE or PREVIEW.  If you preview the "Back to content editing" is hard to see as it is over the VRCF Logo on the top left.

Go back to the "HOME" page and click on "Edit Event" which will bring up a listing of events. The events can be sorted by clicking on the titles at the top of the page. You may edit or delete an event by clicking on the dropdown on the left of each item.